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COVID-19 has transformed the market place, Now we must change the way we are meeting our clients. Access virtual appointments and the qualified leads. Reduce your cost by upto 50% and increase your sales now.


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Access on-demand pre- scheduled virtual sales appointments and qualified linkedin leads for individuals and Busiensses.
Our Limited 14-Day On-demand Virtual Sales Appointments trial provides you with the following services.

3 Free qualified virtual appointments

Generate More Qualified Virtual Appointments and On-demand leads as a services.

Free virtual selling & E-commerce readiness Assessment

Adapt innovate and build a virtual structure instrustrure to recover NOW.

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Choose a plan to customize the package in a way that best fits your business needs and pay as you go.

Order an On-Demand Virtual Sales Appointment Generator

Recover Faster with Virtual On-Demand cloud-based outbound sales and markeitng campaigns as a services .

Command a Cloud-Based Webinars SalesBattation

Deploy experience sociall selling & marketing battalions to do work for you so you do don’t have to.

Deploy Qualified Linkedin Lead Generation Battalion

Sales professionals across industries will tell you that qualifed leads are the lifeblood of their business.


Generated pre-schedule virtuals sales appointments and qualified leads to recover and grow your business faster.

  • Attend More Pre-Scheduled Virtual Sales Appointments.
  • Generate More Qualified On-demand leads.
  • Schedule More effective Appointments more deals faster.
  • Close Deals Faster with our Cloud-Based SalesBattalion.
  • Enjoy the Free Trial with your company data.
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    Let you pay for only the features you need when you need them.
  • Deploy and automate a cloud-based Appointments As a services.
  • Lower your financial risks.

How It Works?

Virtual Sales and E-Commerce Readiness Assessment and set your Goals & Results

Take the virtual sales and e-commerce readiness assessment. Build your profiles, set a clear virtual cloud-based appointment generator mission, set your monthly and annual sales and appointment generation goals. Activate your account and watch the leads, appointment and sales role in.

Choose your target Market and Bring your Own calling data

After you have taken your assessment and created your account profile. Choose targeted sales and marketing and provide your calling data and activate your trial campaigns. For example, are you looking to generate more leads, Schedule more appointments or close more deals faster?

Order Command & Deploy Battalion

Command and Deploy your virtual cloud-based appointmentis to generate schedule more pre-qualified appointments, access more leads and close more deals faster. Get weekly updates on your progress of your campaigns with on-demand reporting.


contact name, phone, email, date and time of your pre-schedule appointment and a virtual cloud-based appointment & virtual meeting room link to connect with your prospect.

  • of calls reporting.
  • Number of appointments reporting.
  • Number of sent email reporting.
  • Number of leads reporting.
  • Appointment Generator.
  • Appointment Deployment Management.
  • Cold Calling Database Management.
  • Reporting.
  • Linkedin Lead Generation Pipeline Development.
  • Virtual Follow Ups and Rescheduling.
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Business Recovery

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Monthly Annual Start Free Trial
Expert Coaching, $12.99/hr
one-time payment
  •  Virtual qualified Appointments
  •  Virtual Outbound Sales
  •  Inbound sales
  •  Lead Generation

Business Momentum

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Monthly Annual Start Free Trial
Expert Coaching, $15.99/hr
one-time payment
  •  Dedicated Campaign Manager
  •  Social selling & Marketing
  •  Sales Automation Battalion
  •  Webinars scheduling Battalion
  •  Direct Street Sales Battalion

Custom Accelerator

Full customization with a dedicated campaign manager

Billed monthly minimum 3 months

Expert Coaching, $0.00/hr
one-time payment
  •  On-Demand New Business Development
  •  Independent door to door Street Team Sales Battalion
  •  Ecommerce Automation Battalion
  •  Scripting, rebuttals and value propositions
  •  Mobile Sales a Marketing

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